Sheffield Content Club is a meetup for the city’s content creators. It’s a place to meet like-minded folk and share our stories, all in a positive, welcoming environment.

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Fancy joining us for edition 08 of Sheffield Content Club? It's all popping off on Tuesday 28th June at 6.30pm. You can grab a toastie, buy a beverage and enjoy talks from the fabulous Dave Greasley and Justine Gaubert. Tickets for in-person and livestream!

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But who is this for?

I know, I know – content is such a broad term that can mean all sorts of different things. But we don’t need to worry about that. If you’re involved in the process of making content of any kind – words, pictures, audio, video – then this is a meetup for you.Whether you’re a writer, illustrator, designer, podcaster or someone who makes things happen, we’ll come together, share what we know and see if we can build our own little community. And of course, there will be snacks.

What happens at Content Club?


Like most meetups, you’ll get to hear from some fantastic speakers who’ve created some cracking content. They’ll be sharing their work and we’ll be asking them to take us behind the scenes to see how it all got made.We want you to go away inspired, but also full of practical ideas that you can then use in your own thing, whatever that may be.

Talking shop

Time to get your creative juices flowing. Grab a few people, sit yourselves down and see if you can solve a terribly important content problem. There are no right or wrong answers. And almost certainly no prizes. But it’ll get you talking and, you never know, might lead to something marvellous.

Content exchange

We’re going to rope off a section of wall space where we’ll have two columns. Column one will be for you to offer up your services or types of project you’d like to get involved with. In column two, you can add a specific project, topic or idea that you’re looking for help with. It’s professional matchmaking with Post Its.

Eating, drinking, polite chit-chat

Once all the shenanigans are done, rest assured there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy a beverage, eat something delicious and get down to some good old-fashioned talking to people.


Sheffield Content Club is organised by freelance writer and content designer Iain Broome of Very Meta.The ace Joe Horner takes the gorgeous photos.And the excellent Little Mesters team help organise and keeps things running on social media.

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Now tell everyone!

I want this to happen. You want this to happen. So tell all your content friends to come here and sign up too.

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